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Welcome to ReSource!


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Dear ReSource friend and supporter,

Kevin Roberts

With Spring in the air and with Easter in view it seems appropriate that our focus over these coming months will be on God's plans for our future.

We are entering the ReSource Future process with an increasing confidence that God still has work for us to do, but we want to consciously seek Him for a fresh mandate and for a greater clarity about the focus of our ministry. We also want to listen carefully to our supporters, to church leaders and to partner organisations so that we can discern what seems good "to the Holy Spirit and to us", and move together into God's "new thing" for ReSource, whatever that might be. As Graham Cray points out in his helpful article in this Newsletter "discernment is a fundamentally corporate or communal activity". We shall be in contact with supporters after Easter to offer a variety of ways in which you can contribute to the ReSource Future process.

Rowan Williams helpfully reminds us in his delightful little book 'Being Disciples' that while discerning the mind and will of God requires something of the 'poised attentiveness of a birdwatcher', it is also something into which we can relax, knowing that God wants to draw us into His plans and purposes. Discernment happens, he says, "not by effort and struggle, with furrowed brows and tensed muscles, but by allowing something to rise up, something irresistible within your awareness, that is God's purpose coming through to make the difference that only God can make". Our main task this year is to be still enough and attentive enough, and even relaxed enough, to "perceive" the new thing that God is doing.

I am delighted that I shall be sharing the leadership of the ReSource Future process with a small discernment group and with a new half time staff member, the Revd Dr Christopher Landau, all of whom introduce themselves on the News and Events page. Please keep us in your prayers.

With love in Christ,

Kevin Roberts Signature

The Venerable Kevin Roberts
Director of ReSource


Archbishop of York I am glad that ReSource is taking some time to think through how it can best serve the church for a deeper renewal and a wider mission. 

If the church is to thrive and grow we need to welcome the Holy Spirit's work drawing us deeper into God and also propelling us out to make a difference in God's world.  ReSource has always reminded the church that renewal and mission go together and it has offered its staff and associates to help 'little, local and ordinary' churches across our different church traditions to engage more deeply with the Spirit's work.  

I sincerely hope that ReSource's valuable ministry will continue into the future, expanding in ways that make a wider impact.  The ReSource Future process will be in my prayers and I look forward to hearing what emerges as the Director and Trustees take counsel, talking with denominational leaders, partner organisations and supporters across the country, discerning fresh vision for a new day. 

+Sentamu Eboracensis


ReSource works for the renewal of people and churches for mission in the power of the Holy Spirit - across all traditions, Churches and denominations, but with an Anglican distinctive. We understand renewal as the ongoing process by which God brings spiritual refreshment and practical challenges to individuals, churches and communities. We work primarily through a scattered and travelling team of people with complementary giftings and experience.

Our vision is to help build a church which is diverse, local, renewed in the Spirit and effective in mission.

Our aim is to serve, to resource and encourage the church for growth

We believe that each church is different, and work with each according to its own needs and context.

We develop written resources in response to the needs we meet as we travel

We work with dioceses, denominations and both traditional and new forms of church

We always listen first.

What do we offer?

Always open to new directions the Spirit may lead us in, ReSource currently fulfils its mission by:

  • Teaching and speaking on discipleship to Christian gatherings of many kinds: locally, nationally and internationally

  • Teaching on the work of the Holy Spirit and the nature of a church which is filled by the Spirit, and facilitating the work of the Spirit, also locally, nationally and internationally

  • Resourcing the Church for mission through teaching and training days and through supporting churches in their evangelism, including MAP days, parish missions and outreach events

  • Publishing courses and providing training for course leaders

  • Publishing books and booklets on spiritual renewal, discipleship and mission

  • Offering consultancy to churches in difficulty or in transition

ReSource staff and associates are available to help with any aspect of spiritual renewal, discipleship and  mission. We accept invitations to speak at:

  • Clergy conferences or other gatherings of church leaders at national, diocesan/regional or local level
  • Lay conferences at diocesan, denominational or regional level
  • Retreats
  • Church or parish weekends
  • Open evenings for local churches and their networks
  • Sunday services
  • Parish days, usually Saturdays
  • Evenings or away days for PCCs, elderships, or similar church bodies

We are also able to provide one-off speakers for any of the following:

  • Healing services
  • Guest services
  • Alpha invitation events
  • Mid-week outreach events
  • Youth outreach events
  • Children’s outreach events
  • Men’s breakfasts or dinners
  • Women’s quiet days or evenings

For more information please click on the tabs in the margin, or contact the office.