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Welcome to ReSource!

Dear ReSource friend and supporter,

Kevin Roberts

I hope that this finds you in good heart and full of hope as we enter soon into the season of Advent and make our annual journey to Bethlehem, with eyes lifted to an even more triumphal coming. As a season, Advent enlarges our expectations of what God can do, and gives us hope for God’s good future.

These themes speak into our life here at ReSource at the moment as we move into what feels to be a period of transition into a new future. Behind the radio silence of the past few months much of our regular work and ministry has continued (of which I will say more in the Newsletter we are preparing for delivery in mid-December) but there have also been some unexpected developments that leave us leaner than we had expected to be, and looking to God for His fresh mandate for our work. It has been a faith-testing time for us as a charity, and not without some pain. And yet the changes have, I believe, given us a firm and holy platform on which God can now build as He chooses for the future.

I will be able to say more after the Trustees have met again in late-January, but in outline we envisage now a time of prayerful seeking of God’s will for our future. Our convictions as a charity remain unchanged and the needs of the church for Holy Spirit renewal are just the same, arguably greater than ever. God has used both Anglican Renewal Ministries and ReSource in the past few decades, but as staff and Trustees we find ourselves longing for a deeper and wider work of the Spirit. We sense that God has given us a foundation on which to build a new work, but before we dare to build with the light of our own wisdom we want to seek “the wisdom that comes from heaven” (James 3:17) and commit ourselves to a season of listening to God, and to His Church.

In all this we will want to hear your voice as those who have journeyed with us for some while. We want you to pray with us and we want to hear what God may be saying prophetically through you. There will be opportunities to gather next year to listen to supporters and to pray with you, which I look forward to doing. But for now, please remember us in your personal prayers and please continue to support ReSource in any way you can as we navigate together the transitions ahead of us.

Can I finish by paying tribute to the office staff in Wells, the ReSource Associates and my magnificent Trustees for the faithful and holy way they have journeyed with me during these last few months. And to you for your patience while you have heard so little from us.

With love and prayer, in Christ.

The Venerable Kevin Roberts

Director of ReSource


Melbourne House, 36 Chamberlain Street, Wells, BA5 2PJ

01749 672860


An announcement from the ReSource Trustees

The Trustees of ReSource announce that the Revd Canon Roger Morgan and Revd Dr Alison Morgan have both resigned from their posts with ReSource. We would take this opportunity to thank them for the work they did during their time working for Resource and wish them well for the future. It is also announced that as a consequence of this ReSource is ceasing to run the Rooted in Jesus and EQUIP programmes with immediate effect.

It is not the Trustees’ intention that they will make any further comment on this announcement.

The work of ReSource will continue under the guidance of the Trustees and its Director, Kevin Roberts. They look forward to discerning God’s fresh mandate for ReSource as it seeks to serve the cause of ‘renewal for mission in the power of the Holy Spirit’.

Philip Carver

Chair of Trustees


Melbourne House, 36 Chamberlain Street, Wells, BA5 2PJ

01749 672860


ReSource works for the renewal of people and churches for mission in the power of the Holy Spirit - across all traditions, Churches and denominations, but with an Anglican distinctive. We understand renewal as the ongoing process by which God brings spiritual refreshment and practical challenges to individuals, churches and communities. We work primarily through a scattered and travelling team of people with complementary giftings and experience.

Our vision is to help build a church which is diverse, local, renewed in the Spirit and effective in mission.

Our aim is to serve, to resource and encourage the church for growth

We believe that each church is different, and work with each according to its own needs and context.

We develop written resources in response to the needs we meet as we travel

We work with dioceses, denominations and both traditional and new forms of church

We always listen first.

What do we offer?

Always open to new directions the Spirit may lead us in, ReSource currently fulfils its mission by:

  • Teaching and speaking on discipleship to Christian gatherings of many kinds: locally, nationally and internationally

  • Teaching on the work of the Holy Spirit and the nature of a church which is filled by the Spirit, and facilitating the work of the Spirit, also locally, nationally and internationally

  • Resourcing the Church for mission through teaching and training days and through supporting churches in their evangelism, including MAP days, parish missions and outreach events

  • Publishing courses and providing training for course leaders

  • Publishing books and booklets on spiritual renewal, discipleship and mission

  • Offering consultancy to churches in difficulty or in transition

ReSource staff and associates are available to help with any aspect of spiritual renewal, discipleship and  mission. We accept invitations to speak at:

  • Clergy conferences or other gatherings of church leaders at national, diocesan/regional or local level
  • Lay conferences at diocesan, denominational or regional level
  • Retreats
  • Church or parish weekends
  • Open evenings for local churches and their networks
  • Sunday services
  • Parish days, usually Saturdays
  • Evenings or away days for PCCs, elderships, or similar church bodies

We are also able to provide one-off speakers for any of the following:

  • Healing services
  • Guest services
  • Alpha invitation events
  • Mid-week outreach events
  • Youth outreach events
  • Children’s outreach events
  • Men’s breakfasts or dinners
  • Women’s quiet days or evenings

For more information please click on the tabs in the margin, or contact the office.