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ReSource : What do we do?

Renewal for mission in the power of the Holy Spirit

Our vision is to help build a church which is diverse, local, renewed in the Spirit and effective in mission.

Our work develops continuously as we respond to particular needs and requests.

At national level

We seek to have a national impact. We are aware that we live in times of great change and challenge for the Church and its ministry, and that this means we need to keep our eyes on the big picture if we are to act as a catalyst for growth at local level. We seek to develop relationships with other key thinkers and agencies, and to work with them in mutually beneficial ways – through personal networking, participation in conferences, and providing speakers and writers for national conferences and publications.

At regional level 

Our work develops continuously as we respond to particular needs and requests. We work with groups both within and across church traditions. Among other things we offer:

At local level

As we have travelled and listened to the church we have shaped various offerings in response to particular needs, and so developed a way of working which enables a local church to create its own strategy for growth. Each church is encouraged to choose one of the following as an entry point:

We also offer a series of Day Programmes and Open Evenings to support churches and their networks - to find out more click here.

What will these things cost?

We are a self-supporting charity with no central funding; we live by faith. We ask for the refund of our travelling expenses for any preparation visits and for the work itself, and then accommodation and/or subsistence as necessary. In addition we invite a contribution to our time and to the cost of running ReSource - to the extent which you or your church can afford. This can be handled by budgeting in advance, by requiring a modest contribution from each person attending, or by taking up a thank-offering at the event itself. It costs about £500 per day to run ReSource, but we realise not everyone is able to afford that. So by way of guidance we suggest a daily rate for contributions of £250 per ReSource person per day, including preparation time, to be paid to the ReSource office; but we emphasise that the main criterion is what can be afforded. The more that can be given, the more it enables us to work in places where even our expenses can’t be met.

Like to know more?

Do contact us by email. To find out what people say about our work click here. To read more about our vision click here.

‘The Spirit-filled life is not a special deluxe edition of Christianity. It is part and parcel of the total plan of God for his people’ - AW Tozer