ReSource has been running in its present shape since 2004. Our roots are in Anglican Renewal Ministries, founded in 1982 to encourage individuals and churches to embrace spiritual renewal , and in Springboard, the Archbishops’ initiative for the Decade of Evangelism. ReSource is directed by Kevin Roberts, working with a small core team based in Wells and a much wider dispersed team of people with complementary experience and gifting who travel with us on the road.

Our strapline is renewal for mission in the power of the Spirit. A generation after the celebrated rediscovery of the gifts of the Spirit in the church, we believe that the time has now come to broaden and deepen our understanding of spiritual renewal, and in particular to embrace its missional dynamic. Renewal of the church is not an end in itself, but part of God's purposes in building his kingdom on earth as it is in heaven.

‘The Holy Spirit was not given so that we might enjoy the spiritual equivalent of a day at Alton Towers, but in order to take the victory of the cross into the world’ - Tom Wright