Thank you to all those who completed the ReSource Future questionnaire earlier in the summer and to Peter Brierley who has collated the results for us in a thorough and very helpful Report.

You can read the report here ReSource Survey Report


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How do you come to be browsing this website?

What has ReSource meant to you and your church in the past?

How do you think ReSource should be shaped in future to meet the challenges facing the church?



One of the key aims of the ReSource Future process is to hear from the people who read our newsletter and browse our website – at least four thousand of you!

Our readership is made up both of people with long assocations with ReSource, and Anglican Renewal Ministries before it, and those who have attended ReSource events very recently and expressed a desire to keep in touch with our work. We have readers who are members of churches, as well as readers in church leadership, and we have readers throughout the UK and even a few abroad. As we discern God’s will for ReSource’s future, we really do want to try and assess the opinions and dreams of all those who support and journey with ReSource in various ways.

The ReSoure Future Questionnaire is a specific opportunity for you, as a reader of this Newsletter, to contribute to our process of discernment.


Would you be willing to spend a few minutes filling it in, sharing your views, and helping us to hear God’s will for our future?

To take the survey online, click here. Or download a paper copy to fill in and return by post.

The questions are grouped into six areas:

  1. biographical information about you (though you can remain anonymous if you wish)
  2. information about your previous engagement with ReSource
  3. your evaluation of priorities within ReSource’s current framework
  4. your opinions about renewal and ReSource’s place within it
  5. your views on the relative importance of various possible future work by ReSource
  6. your potential future engagement, in prayer and at the ReSource Future discernment evenings in September and October

To take the survey online, click here. Or download a paper copy to fill in and return by post.

We are asking for responses by 31st July, and very much look forward to hearing from you. If you have any questions about the survey or would like to make additional comments, please do feel free to email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

And thank you in advance!

Christopher Landau

To take the survey online, click here. Or download a paper copy to fill in and return by post.