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Prayerful support for church leaders

Alongside Scheme

Would you value a companion who can support you in ministry, share their wisdom and experience, and pray for both your personal flourishing and for the ministry to which you have been called?

The Alongside Scheme supports church leaders in the whole of their lives, both their ministry context and their personal life of prayer. A trained ReSource Companion undertakes to meet with a church leader on a mutually agreed pattern, online and/or in person, and also commits to pray for the church leader in between their meetings.

As a prophetic voice and critical friend, the ReSource Companion offers:

- A commitment to pray regularly for the church leader

- Objectivity from an outside context

- The wisdom of their own ministry experience

- The courage to ask searching questions

- The giftedness to offer wise counsel where

- That might enrich a leader’s life and ministry

Why now?

We recognise that many church leaders can become isolated, depleted and discouraged – and the experience of the pandemic has added to the pressures they face. We also know that this is a period of change and uncertainty in the life of the church, when those in ministry will benefit from additional support.

How does the Alongside Scheme work?

If you’re interested in joining the scheme, please fill in the short form here. You will be contacted for a follow-up conversation with our Alongside Manager, Revd Jolyon Trickey. Having heard about your particular situation, he will propose a ReSource Companion with whom you can begin an Alongside journey. ReSource undertakes to provide ongoing training, supervisor support and accountability for the Companions.

Find out more about our team of Alongside Companions here. 

Is this another name for spiritual direction?

The Companions have a range of ministry experience, and elements of mentoring, spiritual direction, work coaching and counselling may form part of Alongside companionships. But we believe the scheme is distinct in its dual emphasis on both the church leader’s own faith, and their public ministry, all held within the context of ReSource’s vision and values.

Reflections from a Church Leader

“I am Naomi, over the past couple of years I have greatly valued my ReSource companion. I am really excited to now have the chance to come alongside others as they discern and process. For me, the conversations have helped navigate the joys, celebrations, pains and disappointments of ministry. I have found no judgement as I honestly shared my unfiltered thoughts and questions. I am passionate about other Church Leaders having the space they need too and look forward to offering listening space and prayerful support to a Church Leader as their companion.”

Hear more from Naomi and her Alongside Companion Kevin Roberts in this video.

If you’re interested in finding out more about what may be in involved in becoming an Alongside Companion yourself get in touch with Jolyon Trickey.

Download the Alongside Scheme leaflet