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What do we do?

ReSource’s calling is to enable little, local and ordinary churches to engage with the Holy Spirit for renewal, discipleship and mission. Everything we do is aligned to that fundamental calling, at the heart of which is a deep conviction that engagement with the Holy Spirit is an essential not optional part of what it means to be church.

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Come Holy Spirit

As theologian David Ford has put it “the all-pervasive and constitutive cry of the church is ‘Come Holy Spirit’”. Or at least it should be, but all too often, sadly, it isn’t. And then we wonder why the life has drained from our churches, and why discipleship has become just another set of do’s and don’ts, and why mission feels like such hard work. 
The wellspring for all our work at ReSource is a passionate desire to help churches to keep a focus on the Person and work of the Holy Spirit, who draws us individually and collectively into fellowship with the Father and the Son, and then beckons us to join Him in His transforming work in the world.

On the journey with you

We feel that the best way of doing this is to work alongside churches and their leaders, and to shape the contribution that we make in careful conversation with you. We want every event to be a good fit with your context and with the story of your church. We will always come to you. And because we work with little, local and ordinary churches, numbers are never an issue, nor is the remotest location. We are happy to serve the few as well as the many, the far-off as well as those close by us in Shropshire. Our Ministers come from across the country.  ReSource events can be one-offs or part of a longer journey with a church as it navigates its way into a fresh engagement with the Holy Spirit and all that He brings. Most of our engagements involve teaching about the Holy Spirit, often with a particular focus, and always with an opportunity to make a response that is appropriate to the theme of the day and the journey that the church is on.


ReSource also ministers across church traditions, and styles of worship and ways of doing things. The Holy Spirit can’t be confined to one particular expression or culture of church life. He loves his whole church in its wide variety of forms and will be around wherever Jesus is loved and worshipped, always confounding our expectations and breaking out of the cultural boxes we put him in. This means that ReSource is happy to minister wherever there is a desire to seek him and be found by him, whatever the church tradition, so long as churches are ready to let the wind of the Spirit blow wherever he pleases (John 3:8), and to lead them into unexpected places.

Find Out

Since 2017 ReSource has been re-shaping its ministries in response to the voices that we have consulted at every level of the church, and especially those in little, local and ordinary settings. We shall be continuing much of what we have become known for over the years, but are adding to that a whole new range of ministries for churches, groups of churches and to support church leaders. Please take a look and then let us know if we can help in any way.


"The whole weekend was an incredible time of refreshing, healing, restoration and renewal, with a real sense of God’s anointing. We were so grateful to Philip and Jacqui from ReSource for hearing and sharing God’s heart for us as a church"
Elizabeth Kelly, St Stephen’s Preston