Honest and Hopeful

Thursday 8th June

An open space for church leaders, lay and ordained, to reflect together on the past, present and future of charismatic Christianity in the UK, in the light of recent scandals and disappointments.

June 8th, 15th, 22th, 29th | 1—2pm on Zoom

Chaired by Director of ReSource, Revd Dr Christopher Landau, each hour will include two or three short ‘opening observations’ from invited guests, followed by open discussion, with the final 10-15 minutes spent in prayer.  

Thu 8 June: Lament  

What do we need to lament, and how might we facilitate this in the local church? How do we help people come to terms with (possibly decades old) disappointments or even trauma? How well are we signposting to safeguarding support? 

(Topics might include: abuse, commodification, platforms, bigger-is-better, disconnection with tradition, networks overwhelming the local) 

Thu 15 June: Hope 

What continues to give us hope, and is worthy of celebration and thanksgiving? How do we hold together lament and hope? What do we need to hold onto as positive, when some use current crises as an opportunity to criticise the whole charismatic movement? 

(How do we continue to celebrate ordinary Christians coming alive in the Spirit / being baptised in the Spirit; stories of God sovereignly at work; the release of spiritual gifts and fruit; testimonies of the life of the church beyond our shores…) 

Thu 22 June: Past 

What lessons should we be learning from the history of charismatic renewal since the 1960s? What is the lasting impact of John Wimber’s ministry, or the Toronto Blessing? How much does earlier renewal still influence today’s church? 

(Setting today’s challenges in a historical context with many wrong turns; recognising both where charismatic renewal has blessed the church, and where its legacy is more complex) 

Thu 29 June: Future  

What theological and/or liturgical resources do we need if we are to have firmer foundations in future? What questions need further work? What are we learning?  

(Is there a particular call to nurture and encourage renewal at the level of ‘ordinary’, smaller local churches – liturgically and musically? How can theological understanding about the work of the Holy Spirit be improved in local churches?) 

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