Vision, Values & History

Our Vision

ReSource's vision is to see churches in the UK Alive in the Spirit and Active in Mission.

This is the enticing picture that God has given us of the future, and which is the longing of our hearts. It is what we ‘see’ as we lift our eyes to God’s good future. And it is a future that we want to help bring about in the power of the Spirit.

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Our Values

Everything we do at ReSource is undergirded by our foundational Values. They set the parameters within which we work and define the territory we occupy in relation to our theology, our approach to ministry, our reliance on the Holy Spirit and the way we run the charity.

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Our History

ReSource has been running in its present shape since 2004. Our roots are in Anglican Renewal Ministries, founded in 1982 to encourage individuals and churches to embrace spiritual renewal, and in Springboard, the Archbishops' initiative for the Decade of Evangelism.

ReSource began life in Abingdon before moving to Wells in 2008 and then to Telford in 2018 to be in a more central location in the country for its national work.

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