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We hope you enjoyed your event and found the input from ReSource to be helpful. We would really appreciate your feedback, which can be sent to us by selecting the event below that you were a part of.

If you attended an event organised by your church or organisation, your responses will be sent anonymously to the event organisers. The response form will be open for 1 week following your event.

All Saints Faringdon: 9th October

St Martin-in-Herne: 30th October

Foxhill Retreat: 10th November

Thank you for your time and support for ReSource. 



"It was very helpful to commit regular time to focus on the characters and events of Holy week. 
The online nature of the sessions and the possibility of catch up made it practical to do this. I was not able to attend all the sessions live but watched those I missed on YouTube. I found the focus on individual characters thought provoking, particularly becoming more aware of my own weakness and need for God’s grace."
Attendee at online retreat