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We hope you enjoyed your event and found the input from ReSource to be helpful. We would really appreciate your feedback, which can be sent to us by selecting the event below that you were a part of.

If you attended an event organised by your church or organisation, your responses will be sent anonymously to the event organisers. The response form will be open for 1 week following your event.

Online Sanctuary Day for Christmas: Tuesday 21st December

Online Quiet Day for Epiphany: Saturday 8th January


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"Thank you so much for everything that ReSource put into the Frome churches day. The love, planning and prayer that went into the day was very evident – with space for worship, teaching, testimony, and time to listen to and receive from God. I found it personally hugely encouraging, and have spoken to many others who felt the same. The teaching was clear, practical, and relevant for every type and size of church. The workshops were excellent. It was really exciting to see this event happening in Frome and we will be praying that it is a significant step in releasing the work and fruit of the Holy Spirit in and through the churches in and around the town. Come again soon!"
Caroline Pomeroy Lay Dean, Frome Deanery