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Intercession is the indispensable foundation for any church and for any ministry.

When we intercede we acknowledge God as the prime mover in the renewal of our own lives and in the reinvigoration of the church. We recognise that we need to hear God’s voice first and foremost. And we lay down our own will in preference for his. We return to the source of all life, we re-source. We lay before God the needs of the world. And we wait, for his word, his heart, his instruction, for him to act. And we wait expectantly.

ReSource's Pray around the Clock material gives intercessors a scripture and prayer focus for each hour of the day, praying especially for the renewal of the church in the UK, and for ReSource's own ministry.

ReSource has a dedicated group of intercessors who commit to intercede for every ReSource Event, for those in our Church partnership Scheme, and for little, local and ordinary churches across the UK to be engaged with the Holy Spirit for renewal, discipleship and mission.

The ReSource Intercessors Network is facilitated by the Revd Esther McCafferty, and a small team of Coordinators who liaise with members of the Network through the course of the year.

On occasions members of the Intercessors Network may be praying through confidential matters; so we ask those who are interested in joining apply through the ReSource office, and that their application is endorsed by a church leader.

Members of the Intercessors Network will generally intercede by themselves, though there will be occasions when we gather together regionally or nationally. Members have a list of Partner Churches to pray for in rotation, and receive information about each ReSource engagement so that it is undergirded by specific prayer, and so that we can hear what God may be saying to the leaders and participants. Members also receive confidential updates from the Director and Administrator on current issues in the life and leadership of the charity.

If you think that God may be prompting you to make this commitment and to be part of the ReSource Intercessors Network CLICK HERE to download the role profile and application form. If you just want to find out more or speak to someone use the link below, or phone 01952 371300 or email and we will be in touch. 

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ReSource produces a regular Prayer Diary which is available on the website and is sent to all those who receive our Newsletter.

If you would like to access the current ReSource Prayer Diary, please follow the link Link to Prayer Diary

Please let us know if you would like to receive the quarterly ReSource Prayer Diary and Newsletter.

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"What a privilege it was to pray for Gretel during the ministry time at the end of the Langport Filling Station. Kevin’s talk hadn’t been on the subject of healing, but Gretel asked Kevin and me to pray for some relief from her arthritis, especially the pain in her left knee that had been particularly debilitating that day. As I laid hands on her knee I had a sensation of heat, and within a short period Gretel felt the pain diminish and then disappear altogether"
Sue Aston, Langport Filling Station



These are difficult days, and we are keen to support you in any way we can. Email if you would like our Intercessors to pray for you. If you are a church leader and would value talking to one of our ReSource Ministers, please let us know on And look out for the weekly Blog on the website, along with other new resources. Whatever these days hold, let’s be mindful of one another, alert to the cry of a hurting world, and confident in the love of God, from which nothing can separate us.
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