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Church leadership is a privileged calling and yet always a demanding one, whether that is lay or ordained, part-time of full time, paid or unpaid. We thank God for those who faithfully serve and oversee the life of the church across the UK, and who do so sometimes at great personal cost.

One of ReSource’s first priorities is to support church leaders and to re-Source them so that they are able to re-Source the churches that God has called them to serve.

Some of the ministries we offer for churches or for groups of churches can be re-shaped to suit gathering of church leaders, so don’t hesitate to approach us if you think that one of these might help you as a leader or group of leaders.

 Local Churches Groups of Churches
Two new ministries that we can offer to church leaders are our Alongside programme and Leaders’ Renewal Retreats. 


Alongside is a new programme of personal support for church leaders, facilitated by ReSource staff and Associates. The heart of the Alongside initiative is one-to-one companionship for church leaders, with a commitment to befriend, pray with and for, and journey alongside them, whatever kind or level of ministry they are in.

While some clergy have mentors, coaches or work consultants many have no one alongside them at close quarters as what we might call a prophetic companion, someone who can bring an objectivity from outside the context, the wisdom of their own ministry experience and the giftedness to bring a prophetic word and insight where that might enrich a leader’s life and ministry.

For many church leaders it is not paid, professional support they need for the long haul, but a prophetic friend and companion alongside, with whom they can be vulnerable and transparent.

This is exactly what the ReSource Alongside programme has been set up to provide. In discussion with a church leaders we can explore finding a ReSource Companion who will offer entirely confidential, personal support, with no reporting lines back to church or ReSource leadership. A ReSource Companion will contract to pray for the church leader in and between their meetings, and commit to listening to God as a prophetic voice into their life.

If you would like to express an interest in finding a ReSource Companion, please let us know. It would be a privilege to help a church leader find a prophetic friend and companion for the leadership journey. 

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If you are leading your church into a period of transformational change and feel that you would benefit from professional coaching and consultancy for a period of time, we are happy to direct you to Emmaus Leadership as valued friends and partners who share ReSource's vision and values.

Leaders Renewal Retreats

The new ReSource Renewal Retreats are designed specifically for church leaders and their spouses who are working for Holy Spirit renewal in little, local, and ordinary churches in the churches’ mainstream.

It can be particularly tough when church leaders are leading inherited churches into a deeper engagement with the Holy Spirit for renewal, discipleship and mission and coaxing little, local and ordinary churches into unfamiliar spiritual territory. They can long at times for familiar songs and language and ambience, and to having the space and opportunity, with others from similar situations, to get some Holy Spirit refreshment and inspiration for themselves.

The Renewal Retreats will be residential over two or three days, facilitated by a ReSource team. The programme will include informal worship, teaching on themes relevant to those working for Holy Spirit renewal in mainstream churches, ministry times in main sessions and in groups, and plenty of space for personal prayer, walking, talking and doing whatever is needed to replenish what life and ministry has depleted.

We run Leaders Renewal Retreats in conference centres for you to book.

But most Renewal Retreats can be organized by local groups and run in a location of your choosing. Maybe you are part of a diocesan renewal group, or simply know others like you locally or from further afield and want an opportunity to retreat into something familiar upbuilding. ReSource can help with the planning and provide staff or Associates to lead the ministry.

If you would like to talk about having a Leaders’ Renewal Retreat near you, please be in touch with us.

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"After lunch David felt led to pray with us all and over each of us in turn. Some of us were really aware of the Holy Spirit filling us and we were encouraged to stand and pray for each other. It was an amazing feeling being fired up and filled with the Spirit and it has made us realize how very important prayer is, for each other and the church. We now want to have regular prayer meetings and offer personal prayer to those who ask for it during or after services"
Holy Trinity Blacon Weekend led by David O’Brien

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