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Ministering Nationally

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Active Across the UK

ReSource operates across the country and across the denominations. Much of our work is with local churches or groups of churches. In addition, we work with dioceses, circuits, and ministry areas in a variety of different ways.

Denominational Strategies

Many denominations have regional and national strategies for mission. Sometimes these are linked to restructuring plans to align resources to missional and pastoral priorities. It is crucial work, and ReSource is able to help in a variety of ways as part of an integrated approach to the implementation of change and to equipping the church for its renewal, discipleship and mission. 

Our contribution will always bring a focus on the Person and work of the Holy Spirit. As Rowan Williams once said “it is the work of the Spirit that heals the Body of Christ, not the plans or the statements of any group, or any person, or any instrument of communion”. Put simply, we can’t organise the church into health. We shall need fresh engagement with the Lord and Giver of Life.

ReSource staff and ReSource Ministers can come alongside national and regional leaders to teach, support, pray, and advise as a partner in their denominational strategies.


ReSource is involved in training and teaching at national and regional level. Through its network of ReSource Ministers, ReSource Companions and specialists, ReSource can provide teaching and offer retreats and ministry opportunities within training programmes for ordained and lay leaders. If training bodies would like us to contribute to their programmes please be in touch with the Director.

Retreat Centres

ReSource Ministers are on occasions invited to lead retreats and teaching opportunities in retreat and conference centres across the country. We welcome these invitations, and will generally advertise them in the Latest News section of the website. You will see from the Partners page that we have a particular partnership with the Scargill Movement, which involves supporting residential events at Scargill and on occasions speaking at Scargill events. 


ReSource staff and ReSource Ministers are on occasions invited to speak at national and regional conferences. News of these events will appear in the Latest News pages of the website.


"Many of our church community who were at the weekend appreciated the time and space that was given to hear from God’s word and for prayer, reflection and sharing with one another in smaller groups. They valued the opportunity to go deeper in their relationship with God, exploring and inviting the Holy Spirit to take them into a deeper encounter, leaving the weekend feeling encouraged and resourced to move forward and go deeper in their relationship with God"
Emmie Walford, St Luke’s and Emmanuel, West Kilburn