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Our Ministry

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Our Ministry

ReSource’s ministry is shaped by the needs of little, local and ordinary churches in the mainstream denominations, to enable them to engage with the Holy Spirit for renewal, discipleship and mission.

Each event is shaped in discussion with local leadership, and we come to you rather than asking you to come to us! Events are led by our team of staff and Ministers, and are run on an expenses and donation basis. We also offer a range of ministries for lay and ordained leaders.

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Please read on, and follow the links below for more detail on each area of our work. 

Serving Churches

We love to be alongside local churches and to serve them for renewal, discipleship and mission. No church is too small or remote for us to visit if our ministry can encourage and support you, whoever and wherever you are.

Read more here about Sanctuary Days, Church away-days and weekends, Renewal events, teaching days, events for your church council or leadership team or Sunday preaching. You can also find out about our Church partnership Scheme.

Or maybe you are part of a group of churches and looking for an event that can bring them together in a benefice, Team Ministry, Deanery, Circuit, local Churches Together or more informal collaboration. Read more here about Connect Days, Leaders’ Retreats and teaching days.

Supporting Church Leaders

Church leadership has never been more demanding, and is never cost-free. We want to be able to support church leaders across the traditions and denominations who are leading their churches into change, and helping them to take some steps forward in renewal, discipleship or mission.

Read more here about our Alongside programme of 1:1 companionship for leaders, and about Renewal Retreats and Leadership Days designed to re-source leaders for their lives and ministries. 

Providing Resources

So much resource material for churches is written for larger churches or from a big church perspective, and has to be adapted for the small and mid-sized. We are intending to build a stock of resources which is designed for or has been written in, a little, local or ordinary context.

Building the online Resources Hub is a work in progress, and you may have resources that you can add to make available to others, but read more here about our quarterly Newsletters and Prayer Diaries, articles from books, sermon series and courses.  

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Releasing Intercessors

ReSource has a network of intercessors who pray for our work week by week and who have a heart for the health and growth of little, local and ordinary churches. We are developing through the network ways in which intercessors can be regularly updated, can share what God is saying to them, and can speak to one another. We are also planning occasional gatherings to intercession and fellowship between intercessors. You can read more here about the ReSource Intercessors Network

Working in Partnership

We are very keen to link arms with other ministries which share our values and vision. Indeed, we are passionate about partnership, and pretty sceptical about lone-ranger ministries. For that reason we are building relationships with a number of other organisations whose gifts and focus can complement our own.

Read more here about our links to SOMA UK and the Scargill Movement, and links to other complementary ministries

Ministering Nationally

ReSource runs some events in retreat centres across the country, for those who can’t invite us to their church or locality. These events are open to all, or in some cases are for church leaders specifically. ReSource also gets invited to contribute to regional and national events and to church leaders training. Read more here about what is on offer

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"Sanctuary Days are a wonderful opportunity for the deep spiritual refreshment that so many of us need; a chance to step into healing and wholeness and be renewed for the ongoing tasks of ministry. Every church should have one"
Fi Iddon, Curate of St George’s, Shrewsbury