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Partners in Renewal

ReSource is committed to working closely with churches and charities which share our Vision and Values. Indeed, we are passionate about partnerships, and despair sometimes at how fragmented and unconnected we are across the para-church landscape, when many of us are working to see churches Alive in the Spirit and Active in Mission.

ReSource wants to work hand in hand with others who bring complementary gifts and emphases, and we will recommend them where they can do things better than us, and we are committed to pray for them and to learn from them.

Building effective partnerships is a work in progress. You will see a number of links below to organisations we are in conversation with and whose ministries we have experienced and are happy to recommend.

We are, though, developing working relationships with SOMA UK and the Scargill Movement. 

Sharing of Ministries Abroad (SOMA) UK

SOMA UK shares a long history with Anglican Renewal Ministries and ReSource.

The two organisations have shared roots back in the leaders and dynamics of the charismatic renewal in the mainstream denominations in the 1970s and 80s. In those years ARM was the home department and SOMA the overseas department of a ministry with the same values, vision and longings, for churches in the UK and elsewhere in the world.

Ours is a natural partnership, and though each charity will retain its own independent life and focus, the two sets of Trustees are committed to SOMA UK and ReSource working closely together again and supporting each other in ways that bless and enhance each other’s work.

To learn more about SOMA UK do take a look at their website. 

Scargill Movement

The Scargill Movement is focussed on the community and hospitality of Scargill House in its incomparably beautiful setting near Kettlewell in the Yorkshire Dales.

The beating heart of Scargill is its multinational community of 40 people, some short term and others living in community for longer, who follow a new-monastic lifestyle and rhythm of prayer and work, and extend hospitality to those who visit for retreats, conferences and house parties.

The partnership between Scargill and ReSource opens up all sorts of possibilities for an itinerant work to be in relationship with a residential work. It will allow ReSource to be rooted in a place and a community of prayer. And it opens up outlets for Scargill to share the riches of its common life on a wider canvas.

To learn more about the Scargill Movement do take a look at their website. 

We have warm working relationships with other organisations working for Holy Spirit renewal and are happy to commend their ministries, including:  



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