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ReSource Annual Autumn Appeal 2020

10 months ago

ReSource has had quite a journey through 2020, and we come to our Autumn Appeal aware of some very significant financial challenges ahead, but also feeling very positive about the new opportunities that are emerging in our online ministry. We are also excited about the potential growth in 2021 of our Alongside Scheme, which feels a very timely contribution to the care and wellbeing of clergy and church leaders.

We started 2020 with a very rewarding first three months and a significant increase in our bookings through the rest of the year. Then came the lockdown. Needless to say, this meant that we had to make an immediate adjustment to our trajectory through the rest of the year. Most bookings were postponed into 2021; we had to reduce staff hours as part of a revised budget for the year; and we had to move online.

Six months on, the covid-restrictions continue to impede business as usual. We are, though, thoroughly energized by what continues to be possible, and by the new opportunities that have emerged for us, particularly through the delivery of online retreats and the opportunity we have been given to develop our stock of online resources. We are also working hard to offer the Alongside Scheme to more clergy across the country as they come under significant additional pressure as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

We would covet your prayers as we continue to re-shape our ministry for the times we are now in, and also as we prepare for the days, which we hope will come during the course of 2021, when we can resume our ministry of visiting local churches.

As you can imagine, the combination of offsetting the impact that the covid-restrictions have had on our finances, and investing in our online delivery and resourcing, has brought with it a significant financial challenge. We come into the autumn needing an additional £45,000 to end the year without needing to reduce our already limited reserves, and also to contribute to our growth plans for 2021.

Our Director says more in his Appeal Letter HERE.

If you are able to make a one-off donation to our Annual Appeal or take out a regular standing order this will make all the difference to our capacity to serve local churches and to support church leaders, in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Donations can be made on this website using CAF Donate.

Or please complete and return the Donation Form, and make a payment by BACS, cheque, or charity voucher, or to start a regular standing order.    

Thank You for taking the time to read this and thank you for the support you bring just by being there and through your prayers. We are deeply grateful.


ReSource is doing wonderful work to equip churches and support church leaders for life and mission in the power of the Spirit. I’m honoured to be your new Patron. Please consider how you can help ReSource to grow its ministry during the difficult months of the pandemic: let’s give as generously as we can to this Autumn Appeal. If ever there was a time to help little, local and ordinary churches to draw on the inexhaustible life and love of the Holy Spirit this is it. ReSource’s ministry is needed more than ever.” 

The Rt Revd Mark Tanner

Bishop of Chester and Patron of ReSource for Anglican Renewal Ministries


The Ven Kevin Roberts

Director and ReSource Minister

Meet The Ven Kevin
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"What you gave us was just what we needed – enough teaching to focus our minds, and enough space to process where we are at, and all held together by the security of your prayer for us. I found it a truly renewing and refreshing experience; and I was particularly struck by your thoughts on wrestling Jacob in the last session. I am always so grateful for what you give us, and for your ongoing prayer for us all; we are blessed indeed to have your care and support."
Rt Revd Dr Michael Ipgrave Bishop of Lichfield



These are difficult days, and we are keen to support you in any way we can. Email [email protected] if you would like our Intercessors to pray for you. If you are a church leader and would value talking to one of our ReSource Ministers, please let us know on [email protected] And look out for the weekly Blog on the website, along with other new resources. Whatever these days hold, let’s be mindful of one another, alert to the cry of a hurting world, and confident in the love of God, from which nothing can separate us.
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