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2021 Winter Newsletter

1 year ago


2021 Winter Newsletter

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Winter News 2021

A number of the guest articles reflect on the impact of the pandemic on the life of the church as we pass through a period of significant change and transition.

- pg 1 - Church in Transition: confident uncertainty - The Rt Revd Richard Jackson, Bishop of Hereford

- pg 2 - Church in Transition: losses and gains - The Ven Kevin Roberts, Director of ReSource

- pg 3 - Church in Transition: deeper wells - The Revd Richard Moy, National Director-Designate, SOMA UK

- pg 4 - Church in Transition: space for new growth - The Revd Frances Shoesmith, Hub Leader in Church Wigan

- pg 5 - Church in Transition: ReSource's Ministry - The Ven Kevin Roberts, Director of ReSource

- pg 6 - Saints Alive! revisited - The Revd Canon Felicity Lawson, Vice Chair of the ReSource Trustees


ReSource for Anglican Renewal Ministries


Enabling little, local and ordinary churches to engage with the Holy Spirit for renewal, discipleship and mission.

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"It seems to me that ReSource is well-placed, and perhaps uniquely so, to serve churches that would describe themselves as ‘middle of the road’ or similar, with sensitivity and grace; inviting them to experience more of God yet without implying that until they have sacked the organist or ditched the liturgy, nothing much can happen(!)"
Christopher Landau, Director-Designate