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Online Retreats!

7 months ago

ReSource is offering a number of online retreats over the coming months!

These online retreats offer space and opportunity for individuals and church groups to spend time with God on some of the main festivals of the Christian Year.

They will be hosted on Zoom and led by ReSource Ministers and are free of charge with the option to make a donation. Each retreat will run from 9:00am - 1:00pm (apart from the Holy Week Sanctuary Hours at 7pm). The programme will include worship, music, teaching and times of silence, and a welcome to the Holy Spirit to meet us as we draw near to him. Some of the retreats will have opportunities in breakout rooms for personal prayer and ministry.

The Retreats: 

Sanctuary Day for Lent — Ash Wednesday, 17 February, led by Garrie & Jill Griffiths 

Holy Week Sanctuary Hours — Palm Sunday to Easter Day, 7.00pm, led by Kevin Roberts 

A Sanctuary Day for Easter — 8 April, led by Chris Oldroyd

A Sanctuary Day for Ascension — Ascension Day, 13 May, led by Kevin Roberts

A Sanctuary Day for Pentecost — 27 May led by Matt Beer and Telford Minster 

For more info/ to book on to a retreat click HERE

The First Retreat — A Sanctuary Day for Lent

This session on  Ash Wednesday 17 February is fast approaching so do be sure to book your place in advance!










"The ReSource of Grace — Jesus was fully divine and fully human in his relationships - whether a lifetime, three short years, a few days, one or two hours or a brief moment. In this time together we look back at five such relationships - with a thief, his mother Mary, his friend John, his ‘rock’ Peter, and with his ‘doubting’ Thomas. How, in his humanity, did Jesus show divine grace… and how, in our humanity, can we receive his divine grace for ourselves and for our relationships?" 

— Garrie & Jill Griffiths. 



ReSource for Anglican Renewal Ministries


Enabling little, local and ordinary churches to engage with the Holy Spirit for renewal, discipleship and mission.

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"Sanctuary Days are a wonderful opportunity for the deep spiritual refreshment that so many of us need; a chance to step into healing and wholeness and be renewed for the ongoing tasks of ministry. Every church should have one"
Fi Iddon, Curate of St George’s, Shrewsbury



These are difficult days, and we are keen to support you in any way we can. Email [email protected] if you would like our Intercessors to pray for you. If you are a church leader and would value talking to one of our ReSource Ministers, please let us know on [email protected] And look out for the weekly Blog on the website, along with other new resources. Whatever these days hold, let’s be mindful of one another, alert to the cry of a hurting world, and confident in the love of God, from which nothing can separate us.
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