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God Can use Zoom

3 months ago

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I have recently been reading that great Psalm 107 in which, speaking of His people, we read that God “sent forth Hisword and healed them.”  We see Jesus doing exactly that in Matthew chapter 8 where the believing centurion, having asked Jesus to heal his servant says “Lord, I do not deserve to have you come under my roof but just say the word and my servant will be healed.” Jesus marvelled at his faith, sent out His word and the servant was healed at that very moment.

As Christians we have the Holy Spirit’s impulsion to care, encourage and heal – in all the forms that healing is needed: physical, relational, circumstantial….   But in these difficult days of often being unable to meet face to face, how greatly we need the word of God to be sent forth to heal and to help restore people and their circumstances just as Jesus did for the centurion. 

We can play an essential part in this sending forth.

Of course our prime means of doing so in these times of constraint is simply to pray for people while we are at home. We can’t lay hands on them but we can send forth God’s word of healing to them in prayer. But we are physical beings and find it helpful where we can, also to use physical means when praying, for instance as I have just mentioned, by the laying on of hands as Jesus said we should. 

I have just finished a Zoom meeting with a number of people, some of whom said how useful it was to be able to use an invention like Zoom on such occasions. We can use for the Lord the inventions He has allowed us to create and there are many: not only the trusted telephone but such useful means of communication as WhatsApp, Zoom and Facetime to name only a few, praying as face to face as current circumstances allow, and to expect healing in any of its facets to take place.

My wife Fran and I had a phone conversation with an old friend who spoke of the asthma from which she had been suffering for many years. We prayed for her over the phone and four days later she telephoned us to say that as we prayed she immediately felt very much better, was breathing more freely and right after the phone call had mowed her lawn which she had not been able to do for years. Having mown her lawn she straight away mowed her neighbour’s, then to further prove her healing, as she put it, walked up a hill which she had never before been able to climb. She phoned some time later to say that her life had changed. 

God had sent forth His word to our friend.

During a Zoom meeting a French Roman Catholic priest friend told me of his consistently bad sleep, lying awake for many hours each night leaving him exhausted the next day. I prayed for him, placing my hand on the picture of him on my screen. A few days later he emailed, saying “After you prayed for me I had an extraordinary night of deep sleep and today I woke up feeling so well and full of joy. It is such a relief after so many months of being tired and dizzy.”  Two months later he emailed saying “since you prayed for me I sleep every night as never before and all my problems with tiredness and concentration have disappeared. I feel so much better.”

God had sent forth His word to him across 800 miles.

There are many stories like that. Of course, we know that there is not healing in every situation and that remains a mystery. But the fact that someone or their circumstances are not healed at that time in no way means that we should not continue to pray for them and to expect total healing.

May I encourage us to use every means at our disposal in these days to send forth God’s healing word?  Of course to pray at home but also to pick up the phone, arrange some Facetime, make a Zoom call or use any other medium to send forth His healing, reassuring, upbuilding word to those we know are in need of that word  - and to wait and see what He does. “The word is very near you; it is in your mouth and your heart…..” (Dt 30.14).


"'To know that God wants me, even though I feel broken'"
Elaine Farnworth, Living in the Spirit, Foxhill House Retreat participant

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Prayer Support

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