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Weekend Away, North Westmorland Parishes at Rydal Hall (2018)

3 years ago


North Westmorland Parishes' Weekend Away

9/11th February 2018 at Rydal Hall

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The purpose of our weekend was to explore the connections between the activity of the Holy Spirit and our discipleship, individually and collectively.

Weekend Away, North Westmorland Parishes at Rydal Hall (2018)

And to consider what can happen as we welcome more fully the activity of the Holy Spirit in our lives and in the Churches. This sounded interesting!

The first session was an introduction to how the Holy Spirit works in our lives, and we heard wonderful testimony from Anne. The next morning we began with a gentle time of singing and prayer in preparation for Kevin’s teaching from Ezekiel 47:1-12 with the river from the Temple getting deeper. We were challenged, are we still paddling in the shallow end or going deeper?

Later in the morning we moved on to the New Testament and discussed how the Holy Spirit worked through Jesus and the post-Pentecost disciples. We were challenged to think about how the Holy Spirit works through us? Are we obedient to his calling? Do we use our gifts fully?

Our last morning together was amazing, culminating in a Spirit-filled time of worship and prayer, anointing with oil and the sharing of Holy Communion.
What does Spirit-filled mission look like? We are about to host the Archbishop’s ‘Moving Mountains’ mission in Cumbria and I trust that will be "Spirit-filled". Here we go - no more paddling in the shallow end!
Elizabeth Maden


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