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Loving Disagreement - The John Stott London Lecture 2022

9 months ago

ReSource Director Christopher Landau has released a book exploring how disagreeing constructively can bring healing to difficult situations.

Loving Disagreement - The John Stott London Lecture 2022

Reflecting on his experiences first as a BBC religion correspondent and then as an ordained Anglican, Christopher Landau offers practical solutions to the facing of inevitable disagreements among Christians, rooted in a dual call to love our neighbour and seek the fruit of the Spirit.

Every church has its disagreements. But why do they so easily turn toxic?

Loving disagreement is the problem – Christians have become too relaxed about the way disagreements destroy unity and undermine mission.

Loving disagreement is also the solution – because if Christians can learn to love even their neighbour in Christ with whom they disagree, situations of conflict are transformed.

Christopher delivered this year's John Stott London Lecture at LICC. His lecture explored Christian wisdom for a polarised world.

Watch the full lecture below 

The book also includes a five-session small group resource, The Unity Course, that unpacks the New Testament principles, and equips followers of Jesus to disagree in authentically Christian ways. This will be  a great resource for churches during lent 

You can grab a copy of of Loving Disagrament and check out the unity course  HERE 

“Christopher Landau, more than anyone else, has taught me the need to listen, to learn from and to love those with whom I may profoundly disagree.” - Simon Ponsonby
“This book is uncomfortable to read because it calls us to do what is both unnatural and counter-cultural: to love and disagree well. In a calm and measured way, it appeals to Christians to love radically, taking examples from the Bible and presenting us with practical ways to do this well. A challenge to us all.” - Chine McDonald is an author, broadcaster and director of Theos think tank
“The Christian message is that Truth is found in a Person, Jesus Christ, which should alert us to the fact that truth can never be reduced to mere content, but includes tone and character. Sadly, the Church often apes the ways of the fractious, divided and contentious world in which we live. Christopher’s book is a powerful and timely call to return to Christlike love in the way that we handle differences, both within the Church and as we engage with wider society” - Paul Harcourt, National Leader, New Wine England



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