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Renewal Day at Holy Trinity, Frome (2018)

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1st September 2018 at Holy Trinity, Frome

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As part of its role to equip and encourage the local church, Frome Deanery, working closely with Frome Area Christians Together, invited a team from ReSource to come and lead a ‘Renewal Day’.

Renewal Day at Holy Trinity, Frome (2018)

With over 100 people attending from at least 10 local churches, there was a buzz of expectation on arrival. The day started with a wonderful time of worship which helped us focus on all three persons of God.

Morning sessions from Kevin, Keith and Anne focused on the person and work of the Holy Spirit, with lots of examples of how He works in our daily lives, opportunities for questions, and time to discuss things in small groups.

Bringing their considerable experience of rural ministry, Kevin Roberts and Keith Powell reminded us that God’s heart is for the ‘little, local and ordinary’ churches - like many of ours - and that the Holy Spirit often works quietly and gently, through nudges and prompts, as well as more dramatic activities.

The testimonies from Anne and Keith were very helpful and it was good to hear Kevin and Keith ‘demystify’ the Holy Spirit and remind us that God wants to release the Holy Spirit to work in an 8.00am BCP communion service just as much as the big, lively church down the road; He is for all of us. Throughout the day, there were regular times of prayer and ministry, always clearly explained for those who were less familiar with this more informal style of worship and teaching.

After lunch, delegates could choose from one of five workshops - ‘Prayer ministry, theory and practice’, ‘How does God speak?’, Healing ministry in the local church’, Renewing the local church’, and ‘Encountering God in worship’ These smaller sessions, each led by experienced leaders, helped people to discuss and learn from each other, and to be encouraged to try new things. A final session on responding to the Holy Spirit gave more time for ministry and, for some, a fresh encounter with the Holy Spirit. The day ended with a wonderful time of prayer, with each church represented and prayed for by others.

It was really exciting to see this event happening in Frome and we will be praying that it will be a significant step in releasing the work and fruits of the Holy Spirit in and through the churches in and around Frome.
We found the day hugely encouraging and a great blessing, and know that others did too.

As one of our friends said afterwards, “I have known about the HS and seen him at work in my life and the life of my church for a long time, but I had let this relationship drift. This was an opportunity to re-engage with God and be refreshed. For me, this was the best day of the year so far!”
Henry and Caroline Pomeroy


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"This was an excellent weekend, with two charismatic leaders who based their teaching strongly on Scripture. They included some of their own personal story, which made them both vulnerable and more real. The worship at each session was deeply moving, and we were gently led by the Holy Spirit."
Leaders Weekend for Grasmoor Mission Community

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