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Living in the Spirit 24/7

2 years ago


Living in the Spirit 24/7

September Foxhill House Retreat led by Kevin & Anne Roberts of ReSource

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“disconnection between the Holy Spirit and everyday life is dangerous”

Living in the Spirit 24/7

A few weeks ago, Kevin & Anne Roberts were delighted to lead on behalf of ReSource, a midweek retreat at Foxhill House, the Chester Diocesan Retreat and Conference Centre.

Knowing that Resource has a particular focus on the person and work of the Holy Spirit, we were asked to look at what it means to live in the Holy Spirit 24/7 and not to confine our engagement with Him to just church or particular moments in life

Opening the first session with a quote from Jack Levison’s excellent book ‘Fresh Air – the Holy Spirit for an Inspired Life’, Kevin quoted that “disconnection between the Holy Spirit and everyday life is dangerous. Each and every one of the students with whom I’ve discussed these ideas has said that, in their churches, the Holy Spirit has come to be associated with special events rather than daily life: retreats, summer camp, Sunday worship. All of them agree that they don’t know how to make the connection between those unique moments and everyday life”.

The Foxhill House retreat offered opportunity to explore the wide and deep work of the Holy Spirit across all the events and experiences of our lives. This was done across a programme of main sessions and evening reflections, with times of response in silence or ministry in different forms. There was teaching about the Holy Spirit in our decision making, our relationships, the ordinary every-day, the hard experiences of life, as well as in the processes of becoming who God has made us to be, and in deepening our relationship with God Himself. It felt like a rich diet of teaching, which gave the sixteen participants ample to reflect on during the worship and free time that were key parts of the retreat. The three days together finished with a moving service of Holy Communion, anointing with oil and the laying on of hands.

Although this retreat took place in the beautiful setting of Foxhill House Retreat Centre there is no reason why these themes couldn’t be part of a ReSource event in a Parish of for a group of churches in their home setting.

If the theme of ‘Living in the Spirit 24/7’ feels as though it could be right for a day retreat or weekend run by ReSource for you locally, do please just ask us.


The Ven Kevin Roberts

ReSource Minister, Alongside Companion

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"It has been a really interesting time of the Spirit’s activity is shaping priorities – how it all unfolds feels very tenuous and we are learning to inhabit the place of vulnerability as we emerge from the pandemic. I have found the input in the ReSource magazine so helpful – more so than any other publication I’ve come across. Thank you for all you have done to sustain that openness to the Spirit’s guidance in this season. The church would be significantly poorer without ReSource."
Amanda Barraclough