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Jan 2020 Winter Newsletter

1 year ago


Jan 2020 Winter Newsletter

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Winter Newsletter

Welcome to the Winter Newsletter for January 2020

- Pg 1 Seeking Sanctuary: "In the rush of daily living, and in the weariness and harshness of modern life for many, sanctuary speaks of retreat, and safety, of belonging and even of home coming. A sanctuary is a place into which we can withdraw and repair, and refresh in the spirit, ready to face life with renewed vigour."      Kevin explores the theme of sanctuary in modern times.

- Pg 2 Editorial: Our Dircector encourages us to make 2020 a Year of Sanctuary, providing a bit more information about RerSource's offering of 'Sanctuary Days.

- Pg 3 A Spa Day for the Soul: "It was as if the stone was being moved, and the chink of light grew. The grave clothes were gently being removed, and I was being set free. I've never been comfortable with the term 'born again' but that's how I feel."      Read more of this and other testimonies from attendees of the ReSource led Sanctuary Day held at St. Mary's Sprotborough.

- Pg 4 & 5 Meet our ReSource Ministers  Find out more about our growing ministry team members.

- Pg 6 What me an Intercessor?   What does it take to be an intercessor? Find out more on the ReSource Intercessors Network from Esther, Meryl and Mandy.

- Pg 7 God's Sustaining Grace: A word from the Revd A Barraclough as she steps aside after 16 years on the ReSource Board of Trustees

Pg 8 - News Items: Renewal Retreat for Church Leaders 18-20 March; Saints Alive! update; SOMA/ReSource update; Autumn Appeal update.


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"* The talk which confirmed that post Covid our churches will have to change really hit 
the spot for me. I particularly connected to the idea that our lives are often too busy. Hearing individual testimonies was great – we often don’t make time to get to know each other’s encouraging Christian stories and journeys. 
Attendee at St Martin’s, Herne online retreat