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Jan 2020 Winter Newsletter

6 months ago


Jan 2020 Winter Newsletter

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Winter Newsletter

Welcome to the Winter Newsletter for January 2020

- Pg 1 Seeking Sanctuary: "In the rush of daily living, and in the weariness and harshness of modern life for many, sanctuary speaks of retreat, and safety, of belonging and even of home coming. A sanctuary is a place into which we can withdraw and repair, and refresh in the spirit, ready to face life with renewed vigour."      Kevin explores the theme of sanctuary in modern times.

- Pg 2 Editorial: Our Dircector encourages us to make 2020 a Year of Sanctuary, providing a bit more information about RerSource's offering of 'Sanctuary Days.

- Pg 3 A Spa Day for the Soul: "It was as if the stone was being moved, and the chink of light grew. The grave clothes were gently being removed, and I was being set free. I've never been comfortable with the term 'born again' but that's how I feel."      Read more of this and other testimonies from attendees of the ReSource led Sanctuary Day held at St. Mary's Sprotborough.

- Pg 4 & 5 Meet our ReSource Ministers  Find out more about our growing ministry team members.

- Pg 6 What me an Intercessor?   What does it take to be an intercessor? Find out more on the ReSource Intercessors Network from Esther, Meryl and Mandy.

- Pg 7 God's Sustaining Grace: A word from the Revd A Barraclough as she steps aside after 16 years on the ReSource Board of Trustees

Pg 8 - News Items: Renewal Retreat for Church Leaders 18-20 March; Saints Alive! update; SOMA/ReSource update; Autumn Appeal update.


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"Thank you so much for everything that ReSource put into the Frome churches day. The love, planning and prayer that went into the day was very evident – with space for worship, teaching, testimony, and time to listen to and receive from God. I found it personally hugely encouraging, and have spoken to many others who felt the same. The teaching was clear, practical, and relevant for every type and size of church. The workshops were excellent. It was really exciting to see this event happening in Frome and we will be praying that it is a significant step in releasing the work and fruit of the Holy Spirit in and through the churches in and around the town. Come again soon!"
Caroline Pomeroy Lay Dean, Frome Deanery