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Introducing ReSource Blogs

9 months ago

Kevin Roberts introduces the new weekly ReSource Blog as a must read!

Introducing ReSource Blogs

Hello everbody and a happy Easter to you. In these difficult days it is great to know that disease and death don’t have the final say and that the risen Jesus is present and at work in even the most difficult circumstances.

While we are not able to be on the road, we are trying to use this time to continue to support churches and church leaders as best we can. Like the rest of the country we are using Zoom and other forms of video conferencing to keep in touch with church leaders. And do keep an eye on the website, on our Facebook page and on our Twitter feed for other resources that you may find helpful

We have wanted to start a regular Blog for a while and have just launched a Blog page on our website with a couple of pieces from me during Holy Week and on what it was like to celebrate Easter from home this year.

I have invited ReSource Ministers, Trustees and Guest bloggers to contribute something for us, which we will publish on the website each Monday, so do keep an eye open for that, along with other resources that will begin to populate other pages of the site.

We are in unprecedented times nationally and across the world. Most commentators agree that nothing will be the same again, and that we will be losing a great opportunity to live differently if we simply allow everything to slip back into how it has always been.

It will be important that we reflect on what the Spirit is saying to the churches, and on what will be the gains as well as the losses from a time in which church is having to function differently, and is finding new ways of interfacing with the wider world.

I hope that our Blog contributors can help the church to reflect on what the Holy Spirit is saying and doing, and help us to pray with compassion and with a greater understanding.

So, enjoy the Blogs, keep well, and let us know whether there is anything that we can do to support you during these difficult days, or that our intercessors can pray for you and your churches.

Alleluia, Christ is risen. He is risen indeed Alleluia!


The Ven Kevin Roberts

Director and ReSource Minister

Meet The Ven Kevin

"It seems to me that ReSource is well-placed, and perhaps uniquely so, to serve churches that would describe themselves as ‘middle of the road’ or similar, with sensitivity and grace; inviting them to experience more of God yet without implying that until they have sacked the organist or ditched the liturgy, nothing much can happen(!)"
Christopher Landau, Manager of ReSource Future