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Holy Spirit Sermons & Studies LAUNCHED

3 months ago

We are delighted to make available two short courses of ten minute sermons by ReSource speakers, focussing on the Person and work of God the Holy Spirit. Each talk can be used in online worship, in Zoom Groups and for personal reflection.

Holy Spirit Sermons & Studies LAUNCHED

The eight talks in the two separate series are all suitable for inclusion in online acts of worship and can be downloaded for that purpose from the ReSource YouTube channel, following the link below. The speakers have also made their preaching notes available too, along with study notes for home or Zoom groups or for personal use. A full set of the questions is also available.

We are excited to offer such an inspirational set of messages, and we look forward to hearing how God uses them to serve the renewal and mission of the church, in the power of the Holy Spirit. Infact, do let us know if you are using the sermons in your online acts of worship, we would love to hear. And do send us words of testimony if God speaks to you through what you hear, or leads you into a deeper encounter with God the Holy Spirit.

In the first series of four ten minute addresses, The Holy Spirit in Person, the ReSource speakers look at the identity of the Holy Spirit as the third divine member of the Holy Trinity, and at how the Holy Spirit relates both to the Father and the Son and to the world God loves; all starting with a Pentecost message!

In the second series of four messages The Holy Spirit in Actionthe ReSource speakers look at what we believe the Holy Spirit may be saying to, and doing in, the churches now, as part of reflecting generally on how God is at work creatively and redemptively in and through the coronavirus crisis.

The Holy Spirit in Person

The Holy Spirit: when the Day of Pentecost Came (Acts 2:1-21) 

The Revd Dr Christopher Landau, St Aldate's, Oxford

The Holy Spirit: God in Trinity (2 Corinthians 13:11-13 & John 16:12-15)

The Ven Kevin Roberts, Director of ReSource

The Holy Spirit: God in Person (John 15:26-16:11)

The Revd Anne Roberts, ReSource Minister

The Holy Spirit: God with Us  (John 14:15-31)

The Revd Adrian Stone, Vicar of Trentham




The Holy Spirit in Action

The Holy Spirit Today: Working beyond Boundaries (Numbers 11)

The Ven Kevin Roberts, Director of ReSource

The Holy Spirit Today: Building a Church  (Acts 2:42-47)

The Revd Naomi Barraclough, Pioneer Minister, Blackburn Diocese 

The Holy Spirit Today: Equipping God's People  (1 Corinthians 12:1-11)

The Revd Philip Dorling, Lead Chaplain of Scargill House

The Holy Spirit Today: Shaping us for Mission  (Philippians 2:1-11)

The Revd Canon Tim Montgomery, Missional Leadership Officer, Liverpool Diocese


ReSource for Anglican Renewal Ministries


Enabling little, local and ordinary churches to engage with the Holy Spirit for renewal, discipleship and mission.


"In addition to the excellent teaching, there were numerous opportunities for personal prayer ministry – many took advantage. The Spirit was at work not only meeting with so many seeking renewal, but also for those needing inner healing, and creating a great launchpad for our community as we prepare for the appointment of a new incumbent. Feedback suggested that Kevin and Anne’s teaching and the weekend as a whole had exceeded even the highest expectations. Thank-you Lord!"
Val Lechler, St John’s, Ealing



These are difficult days, and we are keen to support you in any way we can. Email [email protected] if you would like our Intercessors to pray for you. If you are a church leader and would value talking to one of our ReSource Ministers, please let us know on [email protected] And look out for the weekly Blog on the website, along with other new resources. Whatever these days hold, let’s be mindful of one another, alert to the cry of a hurting world, and confident in the love of God, from which nothing can separate us.
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