Online Sanctuary Day for Appleby South Mission Community

3 months ago

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Written by ReSource for Anglican Renewal Ministries

This online Sanctuary Day is being held for churches in the Appleby South Mission Community on Saturday 31 October 2020, led by Kevin Roberts and Stewart Fyfe

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We are delighted to welcome our friends from the Appleby South Mission Community of churches for this morning set aside for retreat and refreshment. We pray that it will be a blessed and transforming day for those who take part as you step into the space that you have set aside to be with God, and allow His Holy Spirit to minister to you God's grace and presence.

The Sanctuary Day begins and ends with a Zoom gathering for all those who are sharing in the Day from their separate homes. Through the morning there will be two further sessions to enjoy in your own homes, using the Sanctuary Day for our Times materials on this website. And we will finish with a final half hour together on Zoom. You will find all the Links you need in the programme below.

There are some of your number who don't have easy access to the internet and who will join us today using the written materials for each session. Let's keep one another in our prayers, however we might be joining the retreat today.

So, here’s the programme for the Sanctuary Day:

10.00am Welcome and Session 1: Looking Back - Singing the Lord's Song in a strange land? 

The Zoom log-in is: 

Meeting ID: 832 0604 0575 Passcode: 548354 By phone 203 901 7895 or 131 460 1196

11.00am Session 2: Looking Up - What is the Spirit saying to the churches?

Click HERE for Session 2

12.00nn Session 3: Looking Forward - What are we leaving behind and what are we carrying with us? 

Click HERE for Session 3

12.30pm: Conclusion on Zoom :

The Zoom log-in is: 

Meeting ID: 832 0604 0575 Passcode: 548354 By phone 203 901 7895 or 131 460 1196

We hope you have enjoyed today.  It would be a great help to us if you could spend a couple of minutes giving us your comments on our response form here.  Thank you.

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