The Unity Course

9 months ago

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Written by The Revd Dr Christopher Landau

Explore the call to Loving Disagreement through the Unity Course

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Based on ReSource Director, Christopher Landau’s book, Loving Disagreement, the Unity Course enables you to reflect on the place of disagreement within the Christian life.

Over five sessions, participants explore how inevitable disagreements can be faced in more authentically Christian ways, living out the New Testament’s consistent call for members of the Body of Christ to pursue loving unity. Each of the five sessions combines reflection on Biblical material (from a chapter in Part One of the book) with consideration of practical applications (from the corresponding chapter in Part Two) alongside time for discussion and prayer. There’s also a free online video for each session.

Click HERE to accsess all five sessions of the Unity Course 


During Lent 2023,  the diocese of Lichfield will be encouraging churches, fresh expressions and chaplaincies to make space to explore reconciliation and work with differences using the unity course. On 16 January at 4pm, The Ministry Shift will feature a short panel discussion with Christopher Landau click here for more info 

 "How do people know that we are Christians? By the love we have for each other (John 13.35). Too often disagreements turn toxic because we’ve failed to love our neighbour with whom we disagree, or have failed to apply the ‘fruit of the Spirit’ to the way we approach a disagreement. When we learn to practise loving disagreement, we can hope to rediscover a joy within the church that then flows out into the world in mission." -  Christopher Landau