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Get to know Revd Anne Roberts

Anne is married to Kevin and has supported his work with ReSource for many years. She is also ordained and has spent most of her ministry years in Chaplaincy roles. She has worked in several hospitals, a school and is currently working part time for Severn Hospice. She was Healing Advisor and Interim DDO in Carlisle Diocese, and then domestic Chaplain to the Bishop of Bath and Wells.

Anne started to follow Jesus as a young child, and therefore has a huge respect for the faith of children. She grew up at St Mark's Church in Gillingham, Kent and found the adventure of Spirit-filled living to be a reality as a teenager. She has never looked back ...... Anne is 60 something but feels 20 something on the inside. She was blessed with 3 children and now loves to spend time with the five grandchildren. Sadly, they all live at a distance, so holidays are very important.

Anne has appreciated being able to lead and teach on Church Weekends, Retreats and Training Days as a ReSource Minister. She loves seeing people move that bit closer to God and being able to pray with them. She has had the privilege of joining SOMA teams in Africa and catching a glimpse of the wider Church. She believes that the Holy Spirit is active and busy in the world, sometimes in the Church, but more often just wherever he/she chooses to be. 

Latest News & Prayers from Revd Anne

Hoisted onto divine shoulders

2 months ago

Anne Roberts reflects on Jesus' parable of the lost sheep and talks about God's resolute love for her own father after a moment that set his face against God, until the Good Shepherd found him.

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