Get to know Revd Chris Oldroyd

Formerly leading a group of property companies, Chris was ordained into Anglican Ministry in 1985. Hard work turned a traditional church around resulting in its doubling in size in five years. He started training and celebration events in his local town which attracted some 300 people from across the south east of England where many grew in faith, spiritual gifts and ministry.

Eventually stepping aside from parish ministry, he and his family relocated to plant a church which grew from two people to 250, becoming the first in the UK to be adopted as a Vineyard church. Many came to know the Lord, were filled with His Spirit, trained and sent on missions and to plant churches. A good number went on to lead churches, start ministries and take senior positions in their next church.

‘Retiring’ in 2002 Chris returned to mainly Anglican ministry and continues to mentor ministers in the UK and abroad. He spent some time rebuilding an ailing city church which is now flourishing. He devotes his time to teaching and training, and to mentoring leaders. He has had the huge privilege of seeing God save, heal and empower hundreds of people and rejoices to see that continue.

In the spare time he has, Chris works out at the gym and plays the bagpipes - but not at the same time.

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