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Born in 1969, in Vancouver Canada, I have just turned 50 this year! Looking back on my life, I am able to give thanks for an upbringing in Canada, England and Kenya. It was filled with beautiful places, good times as well as hard ones – all undergirded by a loving family who knew the Lord in the gentle way that many Anglican Christians do.

At the age of 18, I set out for university in Edinburgh, to learn to be a forester, and to lose myself for the next  ten years in free time spent travelling all over the place, as well as climbing mountains in Europe, Mexico, and the Rockies. This time came to a close with a trip to the Himalayas which turned out to be life changing. To my total surprise, I returned from Nepal having experienced the saving power of Christ. What I also knew, was that there was now a call on my life.

Back in England, it wasn’t long before I found myself in church in Oxford, touched by the Holy Spirit in ways no one had ever told me about before. By 2001 I married Jacquie and in 2005, now with our two young children Freddy and Grace, we moved to Ulverston, where I had the privilege of serving my curacy.

Following this, in 2009, we returned to Africa, where Jacquie and I were involved with leading an Anglican church in the KZN town of Vryheid for three years. In 2012, we returned to Cumbria where until September 2019 we have worked amongst the people of 7 rural North Cumbrian Parishes.

In October this year, my family and I moved to join the Scargill Movement, a community of Christians based at Scargill House in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales. It is with great excitement that I have offered to become a ReSource Minister. Why?... well, we arrive at Scargill just as the relationship between the Scargill Movement and ReSource is beginning to deepen and develop. As I look forward into the coming years, I have no idea what God will do with us! I am simply excited about being able to pray more, and to see where the Holy Spirit will blow us all. To be honest – I simply cannot wait to meet the people that lie ahead as we step out on this, the next phase of God’s great adventure for us all! I am convinced that both ReSource and Scargill could be at the heart of something rather special that the Holy Spirit has begun and wants to continue!         

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