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Shropshire born and bred, Hannah is Curate in the rural, wild and beautiful Severn Loop Parishes. She was ordained in 2017 after training at St Mellitus, and has since discovered a deep love for ministry in the countryside. Often cut off by snow or high water, the stoic folk she serves had something of a head-start when the pandemic hit- they were already familiar with fragility and isolation, and their strength, resolve and gentle Christ-like kindness is always a real encouragement, but particularly so in these times.

Hannah's ministry experience was formed in the chaotic context of family life. She was fortunate to be part of a church that encouraged Every Member Ministry and the odd bit of risk-taking! When her second child was born, she and some other mothers began a bible study group with creche. This, along with the Christian playgroup her children attended, and the founding of a Toddler Church, became formational experiences that still speak richly into her ministry today. She is passionate about recognising the Holy Spirit at work in the lives of people of all ages- including the very young. She also has a particular interest in writing and reflecting on the spiritual landscape of today's society, and in the role of the arts in mission.

Teaching runs in the family- Hannah taught A-Level Psychology for a number of years, and her husband Richard teaches A-Level Geography at the local VI Form College. They have three children- Jude, Aloma and Henia- who are all a massive blessing and growing up far too fast. Hannah loves chocolate, walking, reading and setting fire to things. Oh, and one last but very important note- from the age of 12 (ish?) to 30, Hannah was privileged to be one of Kevin Roberts' parishioners- she is indebted to both Kevin and Anne for their commitment to nurturing the faith of a rather feisty and opinionated child... then teenager... then young adult!

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All out of darkness we have light

1 year ago

In this week's blog post, Revd Hannah Lins has us pondering on how we can live in a way that communicates love and light in these challenging times.

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