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Online Retreat Feedback

I found having a good guide who gave content that allowed me to go deeper with God helpful.

Attendee at St Luke’s, Southsea online retreat

Online retreat feedback

* The talk which confirmed that post Covid our churches will have to change really hit 
the spot for me. I particularly connected to the idea that our lives are often too busy. Hearing individual testimonies was great – we often don’t make time to get to know each other’s encouraging Christian stories and journeys. 

Attendee at St Martin’s, Herne online retreat

Online Retreat feedback

I personally liked the moments of prayer, it really felt as if we were collectively being guided in our discussions. I also enjoyed the informal nature where we could draw on our own experiences and open up what was in our hearts.

Attendee at St Martin’s, Herne online retreat


Just to say thank you for all the folk who put together the four Sanctuary days, with music, guidance and quiet. I set aside a Saturday to use them all, and weeks later I am still benefitting from them. I came away from the quiet times with an assurance of the pattern for my retired life during the pandemic. I am in touch with a lot of friends through facebook, and a number of them have found your Sanctuary Days helpful. For me, an online resource is most helpful.

Tim Dickens


What you gave us was just what we needed – enough teaching to focus our minds, and enough space to process where we are at, and all held together by the security of your prayer for us. I found it a truly renewing and refreshing experience; and I was particularly struck by your thoughts on wrestling Jacob in the last session. I am always so grateful for what you give us, and for your ongoing prayer for us all; we are blessed indeed to have your care and support.

Rt Revd Dr Michael Ipgrave Bishop of Lichfield


Everyone in our online group enjoyed doing the Sanctuary Day for our Times. People engaged with the story, identified with the meditation and wanted to share honestly. I have really benefited from using the sanctuary day materials myself, and because they are online I can access the material again and I know I will want to!

Jocelyn Burton


"I used the online Sanctuary Day material as the basis for a quiet day and found it accessible, relevant and well put together. The biblical passages were very appropriate and stimulating and the music varied and helpful. I think it would work equally well as four stand alone sessions and have no hesitation in recommending it to others."

Felicity Lawson


I found the talk so uplifting and in tune with how I wish church would be, seeking the Holy Spirit more. I loved the way you drew us back into prayer, which for me brought a wonderful sense of calm & God's presence into my study, just by your quiet words and the action of holding out my hands.

Staveley Filling Station by Zoom

Retreat feedback

'To know that God wants me, even though I feel broken'

Elaine Farnworth, Living in the Spirit, Foxhill House Retreat participant


Almost tearful joy at hearing what I've tried to share for fifty years, put so much better and explained so well

Peter Ward at Living Word Carlisle 2019

Sanctuary Days are a wonderful opportunity for the deep spiritual refreshment that so many of us need; a chance to step into healing and wholeness and be renewed for the ongoing tasks of ministry. Every church should have one

Fi Iddon, Curate of St George’s, Shrewsbury

In addition to the excellent teaching, there were numerous opportunities for personal prayer ministry – many took advantage. The Spirit was at work not only meeting with so many seeking renewal, but also for those needing inner healing, and creating a great launchpad for our community as we prepare for the appointment of a new incumbent. Feedback suggested that Kevin and Anne’s teaching and the weekend as a whole had exceeded even the highest expectations. Thank-you Lord!

Val Lechler, St John’s, Ealing