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The ReSource Trustees have agreed the charity’s Values in the terms set out here in a short, summary form. They describe our core, foundational commitments in four key areas.


Biblically Orthodox. ReSource is grounded in a generous and adventurous orthodoxy, founded on the scriptures and expressed in the church’s historic creeds.

Trinitarian. ReSource rejoices in the work of the Holy Spirit in the context of the animated connectedness, community and mission of the Holy Trinity.

Kingdom Building. ReSource seeks to engage with the Holy Spirit as He brings God’s Kingdom in human lives, in the church and across the face of the creation.

Church Affirming. ReSource seeks the renewal of the church in the power of the Holy Spirit, as a foretaste and agent of the Kingdom of God.

Approach to Ministry:

Serve across Traditions. ReSource serves the breadth of the church across its traditions and denominations, expressions and sizes.

Committed to Diversity. ReSource serves the church as, itself, a part of the Body of Christ, committed to the diversity of the church and the church cultures that the Holy Spirit inspires.

Affirm the Small and the Local. ReSource has a heart for small and mid-size churches which constitute the majority of churches in the mainstream denominations and whose renewal will enhance the health and impact of the church in the nation.

Listen from Alongside. ReSource listens carefully to those with whom it works, respects the local history, context and distinctives wherever it works, and journeys with local churches and their leaders in supportive and prophetic partnership.

Work in partnership. ReSource builds strong and mutually supportive partnerships with those who share its vision, and have complementary specialisms, giftings and callings.

Reliance on the Holy Spirit:

Keep in step with the Spirit. ReSource can only do its work by keeping in step with the Holy Spirit and by maintaining a close dependence on the Spirit.

Grounded in Prayer. ReSource is committed to grounding its work in prayer and intercession and to pressing into holiness in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Encourage creativity. ReSource aims to model Spirit-inspired creativity and imagination in all areas of its life and work, never settling for the predictable or easy way.

Prophetic Voice. ReSource aspires to offer a prophetic voice to the church from a place of prayerful listening to the voice of the Spirit, and committed engagement with the churches it serves.

Trust God. ReSource trusts God for the resources and funding it needs, while inviting those it serves to contribute to the costs of the work.


Transparent. ReSource is committed to live in the light in every area of its life and organization, and with those with whom it prays and works.

High Standards. ReSource strives to maintain the highest professional standards and to keep in full all required legal compliances.

Accountable. ReSource affirms the importance of accountability as a personal and collective discipline, and is committed to honour those in authority in the churches it serves. 

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"Resource offers a gentle, genuine, experience of charismatic ministry sensitively taking people out of their comfort zones. For some new to faith, this meant a safe space to receive prayer and experience more of God’s transforming love and peace. For one couple who had missed out before, the igniting of new passion in their faith. This has led to them stepping into new roles of service in the church. For some wary of the Spirit from past experiences of insensitive or disingenuous ministry elsewhere, the recovery of a receptivity and confidence in the power of the Spirit."
Annie McCabe, St Luke’s Southsea